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3 Unconventional Motivational Videos


Everyone’s working on something. Whether it’s your PhD thesis or a new project idea, there’s always something that needs to be done. So how do you get the pushes and pulls of inertia to steer in your favor? It’s easy to analyze, over-analyze, under-analyze, and analyze about how to best analyze a situation without actually getting anything accomplished for the day. Here are three videos I watch to inspire myself.

  1. Shia LaBeouf Yelling

My brother sent me this one. Honestly, it’s my favorite. But I also kind of hate it, because who likes being yelled at? Clearly 7 million of us (according to YouTube) enjoy voluntarily being yelled at, so Shia must be on to something. At the end of the day, he’s right though. Just do it. Do something.

“Don’t let your dreams be dreams. Yesterday you said tomorrow. So just do it”

2. @Beyonce – Say My Name | WildaBEAST Adams Choreography #bnbchoreo

So there is no motivational talk for this as this is a dance video. Honestly, I have little interest in learning to dance at this level. As this is not a dance blog, I’m sure the majority of people reading this don’t either. But this is about one of the most inspirational things I can watch. What gets me is how their talent and hard work is utterly undeniable.

There are no shortcuts. There is no story of how they beat the odds and who told them no. Quite frankly, we don’t need a long story. What we see is the fruits of their continued labor. Remembering that we need hard work can be the best motivation there is. It takes the pressure of having to be perfect off the bat.

You can literally see how creative and passionate these individuals are and how in love they are with what they do from their facial expressions and musical idiosyncrasies. The sweat that drenches their clothes and precise movements reminds you that most good things don’t come easy.

Lastly, the music is great. Watching how in love and good they are at what they’re doing (all set to a beastly track) is quite infectious.


There is a story spoken in this video, but this also isn’t a traditional motivational talk. It’s a compilation video of a woman on a bike tour in Japan. Unlike dancing, biking is a hobby of mine that I’d like to invest more time in. Watching this every once in a while reminds me there’s a whole world out there that I like exploring. Even if I can’t go to Japan tomorrow, I can still have my adventures here. Of course, there’s something to be said about dreaming about big ideas and living them out – but there’s also something to be said enjoying the little things.

It’s ironic that this video of a huge adventure reminds me to slow down a bit. But it does. I’m not sure if it’s the music, video editing, or the British accents – but watching this makes me feel like every bike ride is an adventure. As someone who can get caught up in “wanting it all”, it’s nice to have a reminder that not everything in life has to be something elaborate plan.

So the message here is – stay inspired! Watch a couple videos and talk to a few people, but not for too long. Don’t forget to get out there. Also, a good rule to live by is watching inspirational videos only counts towards “doing something” if you actually “do something” afterwards. 😉

What did you do to bring you closer to your goals after watching some inspirational videos? What are you favorite motivational (unconventional or otherwise) talks?

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