• Trying to making meaningful/interesting conversations the rule and not the exception.

I think a lot of us are open to conversation during the day, but don’t know how to showcase that without coming across as “weird.” That’s  how I had the idea of making shirts with different “Ask me…” or “Tell me…” phrases written on them. I thought it could take a bit of the fear away that comes with initiating conversation. Moreover, even as someone who does initiate, it can be difficult to fight through the polite “How are you? I’m fine.” conversations right off the bat. Lastly, I like the idea of the shirts as a potential way to breakdown barriers.

Imagine this scenario: You see someone else waiting in line on the street with a shirt that says “Ask me about my art collection” and this person is someone you totally would not peg to be interested in art (and even if they “looked” like they were interested in art, would you really say anything anyway?). You guys could then have an interesting conversation about art that you otherwise would’ve missed out on and instead waited 45 minutes bored in the burning sun for your late bus to arrive (spoiler alert, the bus company lied. The bus is actually three hours late).

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If you have any Ask me…/Tell me… shirt ideas send an email to howhumansconnect@gmail.com