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How We Handle Feeling Burnt Out

Television* has a reputation for being an escapism tool. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a little TV now and then, but sometimes it goes past that. We can watch and wrap ourselves into fictional identities. Invest ourselves into character’s lives and forget what’s going on in our own lives.

Periods in our lives that require the greatest self-reflection can then be put off to a distant point in time. Life is full of uncertainty and doubt – some periods more than others. But with enough distraction, problems can always wait for another day.

Are you feeling like all your responsibilities are piling up? Feeling alone? Feeling lost in life?

We can fill that void with things to give us a break from the constant thinking. The feelings of being alone and wondering “what next” can be terrifying.

Sometimes it feels like whenever you try and think through something, your brain turns and runs around in circles.

The feelings of isolation can be especially rough if your job is solitary or you live alone (and feel lonely) . It’s understandable why we run away. What you’re doing “isn’t good enough” or “all the options seem to have unsavory outcomes.” But you don’t have to worry about being “not good enough” or feeling alone when watching a movie. Your one task is to simply follow the storyline. You get a break from the self-doubt and limitless options.

Maybe the escape TV provides is beneficial during difficult periods?

Or maybe it’s damaging as it holds us over just long enough to prolong change?

Either way, watching a couple marathons is a temporary solution. Eventually we need to throw something, anything, on the board. This part is never is easy, but asking for help is always a good place to start.

*Feel free to replace TV with FB, instagram, reddit, etc.

5 thoughts on “How We Handle Feeling Burnt Out

  1. Interesting post, reminds me of a quote I read once about how TV is one of the only things that can bring people together and yet leave them feeling more disconnected. There is something ironic about people that live life watching a lot of people on TV living life!

    I’m not much of a TV fan but I think this is true for many things like you said, the internet is certainly one of them. I think its good to take a break once in awhile or try to consciously improve the balance at least.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I think that first quote is a pretty fair representation of what happens to some people.

      And that’s true – it’s definitely good to a break once in awhile and assess everything. Some of the times in my life where I feel like I’m spending too much time doing mindless things on the internet/watching TV, come from feeling bored/unfulfilled in other aspects of life.

      Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Awesome blog Charlotte ! I think I avoid watching tv for this specific reason.. I don’t want to become more disconnected from my own life then I already feel I am

  3. I find the same. Tv, Internet, texting, Skype. Can a connection through technology be ever a real connection?

    We find some sort of escape from our own lives, but than again don’t books do just the same? I’m a big book lover. I devour books, but I think they’re in some way more enriching, just like a good movie. The stories that stir our emotions can have a large impact on our lives and they are important.

    Our choices play a big part whether our habits of watching Tv, internet, reading et al. are either enriching our lives or they’re bad, mindless and disconnecting.

    1. Definitely agree – I have something written out about the benefit perception of books and television too!

      Positive or negative – they do have a large impact on our lives. However, it’d be interesting to see how well the brain differentiates between the emotions stirred by tv/books vs lived experiences.

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